Active vacation in Warmia and Mazury

Warmia and Mazury is one of the cleanest and most beautiful regions in Poland. Anyone who comes here will undoubtedly be delighted by the wonderful Masurian lakes, extensive forests, historical lands of Warmia and landscape trails. Many people cannot imagine their vacaton anywhere else than in the Land of a Thousand Lakes – no matter if on a yacht, a kayak or a bicycle. There are plenty attractions for everyone.

The most precious treasure of Warmia and Mazury are the lakes, rivers and wild forests full of animals. There are also very well prepared bicycle routes and kayak trails – perfect for fans of thrills and gorgeous landscapes. Are you planning an active weekend? Here are a few suggestions on what to see and what attractions to visit during your trip to Warmia and Mazury.

1.Sailing through the lakes of Mazury
Did you know that the Polish Land of the Great Masurian Lakes is considered to be one of the 28 most beautiful places on earth and one of the most fabulous corners in Europe? A perfect way to get familiar with the incredible richness of the local landscape is exploring Mazury… by boat. In the summer we can meet many yachts and sailboats on the most frequently used sailing trails. In almost every town by the lake there is at least one harbor, and in som of these towns you can rent equipment.

It’s worth seeing lake Niegocin, located on the water trail form Giżycko to Mikołajki, Węgorzew, Ruciane-Nida and Pisz and connected with a network of channels. This is the third largest water area in the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes (with a surface of 26 square kilometers) and one of the msot beautiful lakes in Poland. Apart from sailboats, tourists can also rent motorboats. No matter what mean of transport we choose, Warmia and Mazury always looks picturesquely from the perspective of water.

2.Kayaking through the water trails
Let’s start with the Krutynia Trail. This is definitely the most popular kayaking trail in Mazury and one of the most beautiful ones in Poland. The route is more than 100 kilometers long and leadsa through several lakes connected with short rivers (streams). The kayaking trips usually begin an Sorkwity, and finish in Ruciane-Nida. Many people consider the part between Krutyńkie Lake and Ukta to be the most beautiful. This trail is not very challenging, but you should dedicate at least one week to get through it. Along the trail, numerous campsites and harbors are located.

It is also worth going on a trip down the Łyna trail. The route may be long (more than 200 kilometers), but at the same time it is incredibly interesting and diverse. From the kayak you can admire both the fabulous landscapes an the monumental architecture of the cities and towns that you’ll pass along the way. (including Olsztyn and Lidzbark Warmiński). You should dedicate at least 2 weeks to get through this route.

3.The city forest in Olsztyn – „walking” or cycling
Some people say that Olsztyn has the largest European City Forest within the city’s borders. It contains an area of more than 1415 hectares and is located in the northern part of the region’s capital city. In the forest you can find four PTTK tourist trails (with various difficulty levels) and also cycling and running paths, an even… a toboggan run. We can also find two nature reserves with diverse fauna and flora. At the area of the forst you can find arbors, benches and educational boards, which supplement the nature paths. The rivers of Łyna and Wadąg are flowing through the forest.

4.Riding down the Elbląg Channel
The Elbląg Channel, connecting lake Druzno with lake Drwęckie, is more than 150 kilometers long (including the branches) and is the longest sailing channel in Poland. The historical water trail allows to encounter incredible nature and the landscape of this region.

The ride down the Elbląg channel is one of the greatest attractions of this region. You can take a ferry or admire its landscape individually – from a yacht or kayak. The most spectacular part, on which ships conquer a system of ramps, is located between Elbląg and Małdyty. The channel made it to the list of 7 new wonders of Poland. You should definitely check it out!

5.The Napoleon trails – discovering the history of Warmia and Mazury
The area of Warmia and Mazury is a place where a huge amount of trails is crossing. These include car trails, water trails and walking trails. The last type was created with dedication to fans of history. In this region, several trails associated with the visit of Napoleon Bonaparte and his army were created. The blue trail in the surroundings of Olsztyn and Dobre Miasto leads down the route of the march of Napoleon’s army. In every village that is part of the trail, educational boards were located.

The Napoleon trail also leads through the Iławskie Lake District. It passes through the places that ae historically associated with the Great Frenchman’s visit in this region. Some people say that in Szymbark Napoleon liked to walk down the picturesque alley, while in Kamieniec he had a „romance” with Maria Walewska.

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