Attractions in Ladek-Zdroj and its surroundings

Ladek-Zdroj is a Polish city located in the Lower Silesia, at the height of 440 to 500 meters above the sea level. If you’re wondering what to visit in this small, yet charming town, we have a few suggestions:

Castle on the Rock
Roughly 10 kilometers away from Ladek-Zdroj, at the very heart of the Klodzka Valley, there is a Castle on the Rock. Because of its picturesque landscapes and monumental interiors, this place is frequetnly visited by many tourists.
You can visit the castle daily with a local guide, between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. You can also order a guide to tell you the story of the castle in English and German.

The Gotwaldowka open-air museum
Another interesting attraction nearby Ladek-Zdroj id the Gotwaldowka open-air museum, located in the village of Katy Bystrzyckie. The name of the museum comes from the last name of the founder, whose family was connected to Katy Bystrzyckie for many years. The museum’s objects are constantly being revitalized. The hosts invite to see 2 exhibits – „The Silesian laces from Grandma’s trunk” and „The Sudety in the graphite of Erich Fuchs.” The Gotwaldowka open-air museum is open between may and october, from thursday to sunday.

The Concert Shell
The Concert Sshell, or actually the entire amphitheatre in Ladek-Zdroj, is an absolutely incredible place. You can reach it by walking through the Spa Park and the Nature Monument Alley, where you can admire centuries-old trees. The shell originated in 1869 and went through a number of stages – first it was a wooden podium, and later, in 1920, a concert shell was built here. Since 1965 the Concert Shell in Ladek-Zdroj regulaerly holds the Festival of Soviet Union and Russian Music.

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