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Attractions in Przemysl

Przemysl is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities, not only in the Podkarpackie region, but also in the scale of the whole country. It is also one of the oldest cities.

The origins of Przemysl date back at least to the 10th century. According to the first historical document, this city might have been part of the Polish country in 98, or even earlier, but some historian put this theory into question. In pre-christian times, the local Tatar Mound was the cult place of Slavonic gods. During the middle ages, there were numerous fights for local lands between the rulers of Poland and princes of Kijow and Russia. Before the partitions of Poland, Przemysl was a royal city in a Russian region.

Przemysl is very close to the Ukraine border. The nearest border cross is located in Medyka, literally several kilometers away. During the interwa period, when Lwow was part of the Polish country, Przemysl was included in the lwowskie region. Later, it was the capital city of the przemydskie region.

It is impossible to be bored in Przemysl. The city has many beautiful monuments, museums and cultural institutions. The local Old Town, as well as the Przemysl fortress are part of the historical monument list. Among the numerous museum institutions, tourists should especially visit the National Museum of Przemysl Land, the Bell and Pipe Museum and the Archdiocesan Museum with a rich collection of icons, sculptures and many other interesting sacred objects.

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