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Attractions in Tatra Mountains to see at least once

The Polish Tatra Mountains is a region which every Polish man or woman should visit at least once in their lives. There are many places considered to be the most attractive ones in Poland
Which Tatra mountain attractions should be visited at least once? Here they are!

The Five Pond Valley
Zadni Staw Polski, Czarny Staw Polski, Maly Staw Polski, Przedni Staw Polski and Wole Oko: every tatramaniac should know the names of these lakes from the Five Pond Valley. And all of them can be visited during a one-day trekking. So we already have a plan for at least one day in the Tatra Mountains.

Kasprowy Wierch
As one of the most famous mountais in the Polish Tatra Mountains, Kasprowy Wierch is possible to be conquered by anyone, because you can get there by the lift. So, no excuses! If you love the Tatra Mountain attractions, you just have to go there! Of course, we encourage you to climb Kasprowy Wierch on foot at least once in your life.

The Gasienicowa alp
Many tourist consider this the most beautiful valley in the entire Tatra mountains.
The Gasienicowa Alp used to be a place of herding sheep, and today, it is the most perfect landscape for romantic sessions. In the spring it is picturesquely covered with flowers, and in the autumn it shines with red-brown colors. It is incredibly magical at any time of year.

Alright, we know, what you’re going to say: Comerce, to many tourists, high prices and plenty food booths, which has nothing to do with the Tatra Mountains. But on the other hand, Krupowki is the historical line of Zakopane. This is the place, where most of the interesting wooden architecture is located and this is where you can find monumental churches. It is definitely worth coming,when there are fewer tourists and see it for yourself.

Morskie Oko
The symbol of the Tatra mountains, and the absolute must see during your Tatra Mountain trip. Morskie Oko is an easily available place, which you can visit with small children, thanks to the highway leading almost directly to the lake. You can push a trolley to Morskie Oko, but remembe: only an unconscious tourist would order a carriage to this place. No reasonable person would ever do that!

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