Attractions in Zwierzyiec

The history of Zwierzyniec began in 1593. The town originated as part of Ordynacja Zamojska, which was established four years earlier by Jan Sariusz Zamoyski. At the beginning, the Hunters’ Mansion was built by a pond.

Zwierzyniec is strongly associated with the character of Queen Marysieńka, who was the wife of Jan III Sobieski. Before Maria Kazimiera d’Arquin married the future king of Poland, she was the wife of Jan Sobiepan Zamoyskim, with whom she had 4 children. But during her marriage with Zamoyski Marysieńka was madly in love with Jan Sobieski. So. After her husband died, she married her true love in 1665, before he even became king of Poland.

The Roztocze National Park
The Roztocze National Park was established in 1974 and contains the most precious natural areas of Roztocze. It contains the area of 8483 hectares, at which you can see a farm of Polish horses, which are only fed during long and harsh winters.

This is the most forested National Park in Poland. The forests occupy more than 95% of its surface.
In Zwierzyniec itself there is an educational museum, where we can explore permanent and
time-limited exhibits. It is worthv visiting this plac if you want to learn more about the fauna and flora of the park and the entire region of Roztocze.

The church on the water under the calling of St. Jan Nepomucen
The church under the calling of St. Jan Nepomucen, commonly known as the church on the water, or the island church, is considered the greatest attraction of Zwierzyniec. It really has a very picturesque location, at one of the four islands located at the pond.

In the beginning, the church served rather as a chapel because of its small size. Later, the side naves were added. The building delights visitors with the late baroque architecture and interior, which i ornamented with beautifdul, 18th century polychrome, painted by Łukasz Smuglewicz.

Walking in the Zwierzyńczyk park
Zwierzyńczyk is a beautiful, modern, recently created park complex. It is officially known as the Monumental Water-Palace Complex. It was modernized thanks to the funds of the European Union.

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