Attractions of Warmia and Mazury

If you’re wondering what should you visit during your vacation in the Warminsko-Mazurskie region, we have got you covered. Here are a few interestring attractions that the entire family can enjoy.

The Elblag Channel
The Elblag Channel is 151.7 kilometers long, including branches, and is a unique water system on a worldwide scale, connecting the westernn part of the Great Masurian lakes with the Vistula Lagoon. During the cruise through the Elblag Channel you can observe the fascinating operation of docking
boats on trolleys, so they can… float on the grass. The ships arrive at the harbors in Milomlyn, Buczyniec and Maldyty.

The Boyen Fortress in Gizycko
The impressive Boyen fortress in Gizycko, which could hold 3000 soldiers, was created between 1843 and 1855. Its name commemorates the Prussian field-marshal from the times of Napoleon wars. During World War I, the crew of the fortress organized numerous attacks against the Russian Army, and in August of 1914, it efficiently defended the Russian onrush. During the attack in January 1945, the fortress was abandoned without fighting.

The „Kansas City” western town in Grudziadz
This western town is part of the „Megapark” Learning and Fun Centre, Where we can also find a zoo, an amusement park and hte land of fairytales. When we enter the „Kansas City” western town, it feels like entering another world – A world of stagecoaches and wooden houses covered with posters of dangerous bandits. After learning how to ride a horse, it would be nice to relax, while watching impressive shows starring 20 people and 10 horses.

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