Attractions of Wolin, the largest Polish island

Slavonic settlements, the Hangman’s Hill, remainings from Vikings and World War II – Wolin has plenty of diverse attractions, it is impossible to be bored here. The largest island in Poland is a perfect place for a summer vacation. Here are a few suggestions about what should you visit in Wolin.

The Wolin Island Underground City (Bateria Vineta)
One of the greatest attractions of Wolin is the Underground City, located in the western part of the island. It is the so-called „Bateria Vineta”. The word „Wineta” itself reffers to the legendary headquarters at the estuary of the Odra river. It appears in the 11th-century notes by Adam from Brema and is located somewhere on the island of Wolin. It was supposed to be a pagan town, the largest one in Europe of that time, enhabited by, among others, by the Slavonic and Greeks. Some of the other chroniclers locate Wineta in the place of today’s Wolin, and some at the area of Germany.

The Slavonic and Viking Centre
The Slavonic and Viking Centre, located in the town of Recław, upon the river Dziwna, is a place, where for 10 PLN you can visit an open-air museum, consisting of 27 wooden houses, defensive strengthenings, and Viking boats. This is the place of the reconstruction of living conditions of tribes, which enhabited Wolin in ancient times.

Wolin National Park
This is one of the most beautifulnational parks in Poland, thanks to which the island of Wolin isn’t fully commercialized. Here, you can take a break from crowded beaches and follow one of the tourist trails: red, blue or green. You can enter the park for free, but you’ll have to pay, if you want to see the showcase European Bison farm.

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