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Augustow is a beautiful city, existing since the 16th century. It gained its attractiveness thanks to its location around the lakes and the forests of the Augustow Wilderness.

This city is a perfect place for summer vacation in the Podlasie region. Augustow provides many possibilities of spending free time for visitors, from active sports to peaceful and relaxing walks through gorgeous landscapes. Thanks to the well-organized and numerous wanter equipment rental offices, tourists should have no problem with using water bikes and scooters, kayaks, sailboats and even an electric water ski lift. If you want to relax in a less active way, you can take a cruise around the Augustow lake, during which you will learn about the history of the Augustowski channel. We aso recommend walking along the lakes or down the special walking routes, for example the beautiful boulevard upon the river Netta.

Augustow is more that just the capital of water sports. Anyone who enjoys sightseeing will be able to find interesting places. The first place that should catch your attention is the Zygmunt August Market Square, which nowadays is mostly the center of night life of the citizens of Augustow and tourists. This place is attractive thanks to the pleasant climate and a huge number of restaurants, bars, cafe gardens and similar eating places. As befits the city centre, there is also a statue commemorating the obtaining of city rights. In case of Augustow, it is the Column of
Zygmunt II August.

Other places that you should visit in Augustow include the Smaller Basilic of the Sacred Heart of Jesus located by Sciegiennego Street, an unconventional monument with an inscription
„No more war”, The Augustowski Channel Museum and the Augustow Land Museum.

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