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Biking in Poland

Bicycling is a perfect opportunity not only for actively spent time outdoors., It is also a chnace to discover the beauty of national parks, moutains, castles, fortresses and even the Baltic Sea. Where should yoiu go cycling in Poland? Here are a few suggestions /.

If you want to spend an active weekend on a bicycle, here are 8 cycling routes with various difficulty levels:

  • Green Velo – the longest cycling route in Poland
    This is one of the finest cycling trails in our country. The Green Velo Eastern Bicycling trail, with the length of more than 2000 kilometers, leads through five regions – warminsko-mazurskie, podlaskie, lubelskie, swietokrzyskie and podkarpackie. The trail leads through 5 national parks and 16 landscape parks at once. There is also something special for sightseeing fans – the castle in Lidzbark Warminski, the former Jewish towns of Tykocin, Chmielnik and Lezajsk, as well as the Samdomierz Old Town.

The tourists riding through the Green Velo trail can choose between 545 Cyclist-Friendly Places, which are accommodation, gastronomical and service places, where you can get some rest, have something to eat and continue riding the green trail on the next day.

The length of the route: approx. 2000 kilometers
Difficulty level: Medium

  • Trail of the Hundred Lakes: by bike around Greater Poland
    The Wielkopolska Bicycle Trail, stretching over a length of about 100 km, is a combination of lakes and tourist monuments. The road leads through a slightly hilly terrain, mainly on roads with low traffic, there are also several sandy sections. It is worth starting a cycling trip in the heart of Greater Poland, Poznań, preferably near Malta Lake.

Along the route, tourists have the chance to admire over 50 different water reservoirs, including Strzeszyńskie Lake or Pamiątkowskie Lake. There will also be something for lovers of visiting the unique monuments in Szamotuły – the Górków Castle and the first printing house in Greater Poland. It is worth stopping in Sieraków, where the Sierakowski Landscape Park is located.

The length of the route: approx. 200 kilometers
Difficulty level: medium

  • Jurassic Bicycle Trail of the Eagles’ Nests
    This tourist trail from Kraków to Częstochowa has a number of less than 200 km. The route took its role from the castles erected on the top of the hill, called the Eagle’s Nests. Fortresses were built even during the reign of King Casimir the Great as a system of border security and trade routes flow. The trail is so well marked that it is impossible to get lost.

During the bicycle trip along the Eagles’ Nest Trail you can admire the impressive ruins of the castles in Mirów, Bobolice, Smoleń or Pieskowa Skała. Ancient fortresses are not the only attraction of the popular trail. The route between Krakow and Częstochowa is famous for its beautiful nature. The terrains are very diverse, you can come across rocks, caves and forested hills.

The length of the route: 190 kilometers
Difficulty level: medium

  • Bialowieza National Park
    The bike trail runs through the Białowieża National Park. This place surprises with a real wealth of fauna and flora – there are as many as 12,000 species of unusual plants and animals. It is a real paradise for nature lovers.

It is worth starting the journey in Narewka, where it is still worth visiting the church of St. Nicholas. The next stop is Kosy Most – here you can admire the bison from the viewing platform. The end of the trip is Stare Masiewo – a village surrounded by the original Białowieża nature. The perfect place to unwind from everyday life!

The length of the route: 22 kilometers
Dufficulty level: easy.

  • R10 cycling route – a trip along the Baltic Sea
    The R10 cycle route is the international route of the EuroVelo network around the Baltic Sea. The entire route has over 8.5 thousand km The Polish section stretches for 588 km and runs through three voivodships: West Pomeranian, Pomeranian and Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship.

It is worth choosing the route from Świnoujście to Hel (480 km). During the bicycle trip you can see, among others Wolin National Park, Słowiński National Park, lighthouses and fortifications of the Hel Peninsula. It is worth knowing on the Baltic Sea, relax on the beach and see the setting sun

The length of the route in Poland: 588 kilometers
Difficulty level: medium

  • Expedition along the Masovian trail
    In the south-eastern part of Warsaw you can find an interesting trail, perfect for a weekend bike trip. The journey along the Mazovian route begins and ends in Wawer. The route is moderately difficult and stretches for about 83 km.

It is worth stopping incl. Otwock, Karczew with a chapel funded by cyclists or Czersk, where knights’ tournaments are organized. When returning to Warsaw, it is worth diversifying your bicycle journey by visiting the spa park in Konstancin-Jeziorna and the botanical garden in Powsin.

The length of the route: 83 kilometers
Difficulty level: medium

  • Carpathian Bicycle Trail – an expedition through Lesser Poland
    This trail leads through 35 communes of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship and is divided into several sections. The total length of the bicycle route is almost 800 kilometers. The main route leads through the historic route from the south to Kraków and includes such points as Muszyna, Piwniczna-Zdrój, Nowy Sącz and Wieliczka.

The easiest section is the Sądecki Bicycle Trail – the route begins at the border of the country, Muszynka, and ends in Nowy Sącz, where it connects with the main route

The length of the Sądecki Cycling Trail: 63 kilometers
Difficulty level: easy

  • Bicycle route around the Tatra Mountains
    The real challenge for tourists on bicycles is to cross the over 200-kilometer loop around the Tatra Mountains. Beautiful views of the highest Carpathian range, monuments and interesting places passed along the way are the most important features of this trail.

The route may seem difficult, especially for those less advanced in long-distance cycling trips. Nowy Targ is a good starting point for embarking on a bicycle conquest of the Tatra region. Here also begins the trail around the Tatra Mountains. The greater part of the route around the Tatra Mountains is in Slovakia

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