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Bledne Skaly in the Stołowe Mountains

The trail of Błędne Skały is located at the slopes of Skalniak, at the height of 852 meters, at the border between Poland and the Czech Republic, in the Stołowe Mountains. The area takes up the surface of about 21 hectares and is a nature reserve since 1957. The historic name, which is often used to describe this place, is Dzikie Dziury (Wild Holes), or sometimes, from german, Wolf Holes (Wilde Locher). There is a fascinating tourist route leading through the Rocky Maze (Skalny Labirynt), full of deep slots, corridors, mushrooms and rocky blocks, as well as intriguing rocks. While you’re wandering through the corners of this spectacular maze, you’ll hear laughter and giggles from tourists of any age, even adults. This is also the place, were several famous movies were shot, such as „The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian” or „Przyjaciel Wesołego Diabła”.

The Błędne Skały Trail is located between Kudowa Zdrój and Karłów. If you’re travelling by car, there are two well-prepared parkings. The first one, known as the lower parking or YMCA, is free and located right by the Road of a Hundred Turns. You can get here from the centre of Kudowa in approximately 10 minutes. When the asfalt comes to an end, it means you’re getting very close.
If you want to get to the upper parking, located right next to the cash registers, you have to pay 20 PLN fee.

Getting to the Rocky maze from here takes quite a lot of time, about 75 minutes. You’ll have to walk along the blue trail and conquer 3,5 kilometers, plus 235 meters of elevations. But when you’re coming back, you can follow a different trail – a nature path, marked with a green leaf on a white background. Next to both parking there are free toilets.

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