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Bory Tucholskie

Bory Tucholskie is a fragment of an ancient, mighty Pomeranian Wilderness, which long ago
extended between the Vistula and Odra rivers. Despite the fact, that there were some people settling down here, Bory Tucholskie still creates one of Europe’s most extensive forest areas. So it shouldn’t be surprising that this area is incredibly popular among tourists.

Bory Tucholskie consists of an area between Bytów, Kościerzyna, Starogard Gdański, Tuchola and Chojnice. At such a huge area there are also extensive areas, which were occupied by man during the colonization lasting for several hundreds of years. The largest areas of fields and meadows surround the towns of of Czersk and Brusy, which are the main centres of settlement inside the forest complexes. These are also the most fertile areas, best for planting seeds in the entire Bory Tucholskie.

The most beautiful areas of Bory Tucholskie are protected by four landscape parks: Zaborski, Tucholski, Wdzydzki and Wdecki, and also by the „Bory Tucholskie” National Park.

The Zaborski Landscape Park contains the western part of Bory Tucholskie. This is a true kingdo m of forests, which cover more than 70% of the whole area of the park. Here you can admire 53 lakes, out of which the two largest are Lake Charzykowskie and Lake Karsińskie in the southern part of the park.

Swornegacie is a popular summer holiday village by the estuary of Brda to Lake Karsińskie. The life of its citizens was always strictly associated with water and forests. Sworengacie was located away from trading routes. Today, the location of by the lakes in the surroundings of Bory Tucholskie created perfect conditions for the development of tourism. A few original Kashubian wooden houses were were preserved in the village.

Bachorze is one of the smallest villages in Bory Tucholskie. Here you can find not much more than a few homes and a vacation resort. From this village you can follow the Green Trail of the Stream of Seven Lakes, as well as the Red Kashubian Trail.

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