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Brodnica is located at the south-west edge of the Brodnickie Lake District, which is a small aggregation of post-glacial lakes, locateed to the east from the valley of the Vistula river.
The creation of this town is associated with the existance of the ferry on the river, which was used by marchants to get from Mazowsze to Pomorze. Drwęca is one of the cleanest rivers in Poland and from the spring to its estuary is an ichthyological reserve, which protects several species of fish, including salmon, bull-trout, certa and others. While flowing through the town, Drwęca changes the direction of its flow several times. That’s why its edges are perfect for romantic walks. In the waters of the river you can see the reflection of the Castle Tower, standing at the area of the ruins of a Teutonic Castle. It is the best observation point for Brodnica and its surroundings. Another building that towers over the town is the tower of St. Katarzyna. In the gothic area most tourists pay attention to the rich, baroque-styled interior and the preserved, gothic sculptures of the saints.
In the renovated gothic garner you can admire the exhibit of the nature museum. In another garner upon Drwęca there is a pizza restaurant.

Thanks to the influence of the glacier, the landscape of the surroundings of Brodnica might somerimes remind you of mountain surroundings. The wildest and most beautiful area is located within the borders of the Brodnica Landscape Park. The lcoal lakes might not be largest, but they are quite enough for sailors and fans of windsurfing. This is also a great place for kayakers. The kayaking trail of the Brodnica Lake District, with the length of 50 kilometers, lead through 11 lakes.

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