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Camping in Poland

Where should you go camping in Poland? Top 5 most interesting campsites.

Summer is just around the corner. People who like harsh conditions and close encounter with nature, rather than luxurious, 5-star apartments, are guaranteed to take their tents out of their basements or attics. Sleeping under a canvas has something magical within and can cause many pleasant emotions , no matter how old you are. Now that we know what, the remaining question is – Where should we go camping. In this article we will suggest some of the most intersting campsites in Poland.

A campsite in a big, Polish city?? Well, why not? This is an excellent aprice alternative for hotels and guesthouses in in Gdansk, which can be quite a lot of trouble for your wallet. The seaside district of Stogi can guarantee a very enjoyable beach and close proximity to the forest. Peace and quiet, and if you really like, entertainment too. You can get to the center of Gdansk by tram in half an hour.
The area of the campsite in Gdansk is quite well developed. It obviously contains a plumbing node, where travelers can quite comfortably refresh themselves – by campsite standards. Gdansk is the best confirmation, that you can easily start your camping adventure in a metropolis, as a city person.

The campsite in Pulawy delights tourists with its fantastic location, in the direct neighborhood of the Vistula river channel. As a modern object with an excellent infrastructure guarantees fine conditions for campers. This is the place, where you can easily go camping with movie fans, because each year, right next to Pulawy in the beautiful town of Kazimierz Dolny there is a renowned movie festival – Dwa Brzegi
For backpack travelers Pulawy is a fantastic place to go. Exploring the region in scout style can be planned as a very rich scenario – Nałęczów, Czarnolas and Gołąb There are definitely plenty ideas for attractions.

Sandomierz, the city of Father Mateusz, and mostly one of the most beautiful tourism centers in Poland. This is not only spectacular architecture, but also beautiful surroundings. In Sandomierz itself we can also find pleasant places, located slightly on the side, where we can set a tent.
After a whole day of exploring the neighborhood, it might be a good idea to try some roasted
sausages. In Samdomierz it’s easy ot find passionates similar to yourself. If you’re lucky, you might even make some lifetime friendships.

Where to go camping? Many people might automatically think – to the mountains, of course. It’s hard to be surprised, because such trips can quickly make you think of our parents’ magical trips from the times, when the hotel infrastructure wasn’t quite as developed yet. The south of Poland offers many excellent campsites. Niedzica deserves an extra special mention, because it is quite easy to feel a warm atmosphere, and even easier to enjoy fantastic views.

The sight of Pieniny waking up for the life in the morning sunshine is the greatest reward for consummate travelers. Sleeping in such conditions is just delightful. With such fantastic sights, even the most humble trip can be the time of your life.

Mielno is all about tents and is one of the most frequent holiday destinations. Relaxing right at the Baltic Sea guarantees a wonderful vacation. Despite a crowd of tourists, here you can feel the idyllic, cameral atmosphere and have a really great time.

It’s worth coming to Mielno with your own tent, especially since in the full season prices of traditional accommodationare really high. At the campsite, stories told to the late night by the cracking fire a truely unforgettable

Campsites in Poland and the idea of slightly „survival” vacation can be frightening to some people, and very attractive for others. Many people can’t imagine any other way of accommodation during their holiday trips. It’s difficult to mention all the places excluded from this short guide. Are you a fan of such travels? Tell us about your favourite campsites in the comments below.

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