Cheap attractions in Solina

Beautiful landscapes, nature qualities and health spa qualities? You can find that in Solina!
This is a perfect place in Bieszczady to take a break from the crowds of the big city. And you can find plenty great attractions even if you don’t have much money.

1.Solina Lake
Solina Lake is the largets artificial water reservoir, which was created in order to protect the valley of the river San. Because of the frequent floods in this area, a decision was made to build a dam. As a result, a lake was created here, which attractys tourists from all over Poland. The rich fauna of the lake is especially attractive for fishers.

2.The Solina Dam
The most recognizable place at the Solina Lake is of course, the dam. But it was created not to fulfill the needs of tourists, but for safety reasons. Local towns were very ofter flodded. The solution to the problem was a dam, which was built based on a project by professor Karol Pomianowski. Today it is mostly a local, important atraction, which attracts tourists from all over Poland, who visit the Solina Lake and Bieszczady Mountains.

3.Attractions for sport fans
Kayaking, riding a water bike, or maybe a trip on a cruise ship? There are plenty water attractions at the Solina lake. In the summer season an inredible tourist attraction of the Solina Lagoon are cruise trips on ships from the Bieszczady fleet, which take of from Polańczyk and Solina.

4.Walking trails
Solina also has attractions for walking trip fans. Gorgeous views and numerous walking trails encourage tourists to take long and delightful walks. Most routes are picturesque trails leading through the coastline. If peace, quiet and nature is something you are looking for on your vacation, you should definitely go for a walk through the surroundings of Solina and Polańczyk.

5.The Phantom Island

When you’re visiting Solina, you can encounter a phantom. And not just any phantom. However, it is not a terrifying ghost, but an island. Where did the name come from? The Phantom Island literaly appears and disappears. It all depends on the water level in the lake. You can admire the Phantom Island if the water level is low enough. And you have to admit, that this is quite a surprising attaction.

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