Chelmsko Slaskie

The village of Chełmsko Śląskie, located in the Krzeszów Valley, began to develop in the 16th century along with the development of weaving. At that time, locally hand-made textiles were exported to many countries in Europe, and even to North America. In the 17th and 18th century people were working in their own workshops at home, and weaving was a very popular job, especially widespread at the not so fertile lands of Sudety and Przedgórze Sudeckie. Unfortunately, machanization lead to to creation of factories and the bankruptcy of local craftsmen. Around the mid-19th century, the town’s situation began to deteriorate and get diffiult for citizens.

Currently, Chełmsko is experienxing rapid development of tourism. The village and its surroundings can offer plenty attractions, not only in terms of nature, but also in terms of architecture. Chełmsko Śląskie is mostly known for its unique monument – The House of the Silesian Weavers. The Team of the Twelve Apostles was established in 1707, with a purpose of being a working and living place for canvas weavers, who came from the Czech Republic.

While walking between the buildings of the monumental complex, its worth finding the house under the number 17, in which you can visit a place called Wiejska Chata u Apostoła and try regional treats, including, including the „Apostle’s Bomb” – a delicious cake baked in four parts to commemorate four evangelists. Meanwhile, in house number 19, you can visit the art workshop of handmade weaving, where you can buy line crafts.

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