Chmielaki in Krasnystaw

Krasnystaw is a town upon the river Wieprz, located by the main road, which connects Lublin with Zamość. At its center you can find a charming market square surrounded by stonehouses from the 19th and 20th century. The most precious architectural monument is the baroque, Jesuit complex of the church of St. Franciszek Ksawery and college buildings. The sacred complex was founded by the Potocki family between the late 17th an early 18th century.

The area surrounding Krasnystaw is a land of farming. The fertile soils of Wyżyna Lubelska allow farmers to grow many species of plants. The area is famous for hops, which were first planted here in the 19th century. This is the plant that the biggest celebration of Krasnystaw is dedicated to. It is known as Chmielaki Krasnostawskie, and is sort of like a hop harvest.

The first hop holiday was celebrated back in 1971. After a few years, this celebration became a nationwide event. Currently, during the three days of Chmielaki, there are dozens of thousands tourists passing by Krasnystaw.

For the past few years, this event was organized on the third weekend of August; earlier, it was held in the first half of September. The hop and beer holiday is a possibility of meeting the entire Polish brewing brand at the Nationwide Hop Session. This is the place, where the most die-heart beer fans have the possibility to taste the beer and rate the work of brewers from all around the country.

During the Chmielaki event, the main streets of the town become a trading-entertainment promenade. There are plenty of stalls, shops, and brewery stands.

During the event, there is also an award ceremony for the most lovely beer inns.

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