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Christmas Markets in Poland

Christmas Markets are popular in almost every bigger city of Europe. A huge number of regional sellers and craftsmen gather in one place to share their products with people who are fallen in love with hand-made works and local food specialities. The market squares are decorated with shiny colourful glass balls, glimmering lights, monumental Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations. Atmosphere of the fairs is full of joy and happiness, excitement and Christmas greetings. Below, you will find some information of the most popular Christmas Markets in Poland.

Christmas Market Gdansk
When you visit Targ Węglowy (Coal Market) in Gdansk at this time of the year, you will enter the magical Christmas world. You will see charming Christmas decorations, ride on carousels with racing horses, and skate on the ice rink. Fantastic food offered by exhibitors from all over the Europe are served at various stalls. Among many delicious specialities are Christmas dumplings and bigos, Polish and Lithuanian meats, breads and sweets. Visitors can warm up themselves with meads, mulled wine, and cider. Angels and Santa Claus pose for a photo, the ferris wheel AmberSky lifts passengers to a height of 50 metres.
Christmas Market is open until 23rd of December.
Christmas Market Krakow
Krakow’s market square is an outstanding site, perfect for Christmas markets. It provides truly magical atmosphere. There are numerous, richly decorated stalls. Sellers offer tasty traditional food (grilled oscypek is a must!), beautiful handicrafts. The air is filled with sounds of Christmas traditional polish music. Visitors may take a stroll between colourful stalls, admire fantastic masterpieces of folk art. Among them are Christmas decorations, beautiful hand-painted porcelain, different kind of jewellery and other regional products. You can buy embroidered tablecloths, moccasins, wickerwork, as well as sweets or product made from salt, wood, etc.
This Christmas Market in Krakow is open until 26th of December.
Christmas Fair at Barbakan in Warsaw
Warsaw offers several Christmas markets, but one of the most popular Christmas markets is held at the Old Town Market Square. Colourful stalls are located along city walls. Visiting the Christmas Market is an unmissable opportunity to see Warsaw’s reconstructed historic district from a completely different perspective. The atmosphere is full of joyful talks, pleasant music and smell of traditional food. Handicraft products can be bought there as well as delicious polish specialities such as sausage, bread with lad, bigos, traditional dumplings and much more.

Christmas Market in Warsaw is open until 8th of January.

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