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Ciechocinek is a famous Polish health spa. Anyone who visited this town, has their own private, sometimes secret story about this incredible place. They don’t refer to Ciechocinek as the place where senses awaken for nothing. This town is a place, where patients of both genders meet and break up, while trying to regain the faith in their own attractiveness.
Since the medieval times, the areas of Ciechocinek were part of the settlement called Słońsk. This might suggest that this place was known a long time ago for its influence no the surfaced of salty springs.

The healing qualities of life-giving waters in Ciechocinek were used for more than 175 years. This is the place where circulatory system diseases and respiratory system diseases are cured, as well as diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity.
Since the very beginning of the health spa’s existence, helaing baths and hydrotherapy are parrt of the canon of treatments. Other treatments practiced here are drinking treatments, rinsing and inhalations.

The greatest attraction of the health spa is the Health Park Three wooden brine graduation towers create a shape of a horse shoe of a total length of 1741 meters. Walking around the entire park is a 3-kilometer trip.

Ciechocinek is a garden town. The most characteristic part of municipal greenery in this health spa are the flower carpets. The first flower carpets were planted in 1934 in front of the Łazienki nr 3, based on the project by Zygmunt Hellwig, the town’s greenery architect.

Ciechocinek is located in the southern part of the Toruń-Bydgoszcz Valley, in a historically attractive neighborhood. The green areas of Ciechocinek are already a wonderful place for family walks and cycling trips.

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