Most of travellers start their adventure in Poland from Warsaw-Polish capital, today beautiful city welcoming around 9 mln tourists each year✈??
But do you know the tragic history of this place?

Significant events had happend in the modern history, during the World War 2…One of the most heartbreaking and heroic was the Warsaw Uprising.

Uprising started 1, August 1944. People wanted to liberate the city from German occupation. It lasted 63 days. Within 2 months of fights, air attacks and severe living conditions approx. 16 thousands soldiers and 200 thousands civilians were killed.

Exept of human losses, capital of Poland was totally destroyed. “No stone can remain standing,”- proclaimed Himmler and it happened. Warsaw was reduced to ruins. Hundreds of precious sites and objects of high value for Polish culture were reduced to ruins. Warsaw was simply razed to the ground!

When the war was over, citizens of Warsaw have rebuilt the city for unbelievable short period of time! They were using old schemes and drawnings of the city as well as works of famous painters from the past and to 1955 they reconstructed Polish capital.

So, Warsaw you can see now is relatively young city, with a long, complicated and terrifying history?

If you are interested in history of Warsaw and people who lived here, we strongly recommend you to visit THE WARSAW RISING MUSEUM as well as to join our tours in Warsaw

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