Corpus Christi in Spycimierz

Spycimierz is a small village located in the valley of Warta, 3 kilometers to the south from Uniejów. In the morning of Corpus Christi day, the citizens of the local parish church are creating flower carpets on the road, which is used in the afternoon to lead a procession. The most beautiful and most diverse parts of this flower carpet are the ones close to the altars.

The creation ofthe carpet projects and collecting flowers begins many days before Corpus Christi. On the holiday itself, in the early afternoon, th flower carpets are already finished. At 5 p.m. the Holy Mass begins. And after the Mass, the procession takes off.

On this day, the tiny village is a destination of trips of many believers and tourists. More and more people visit this place every year, and the small town is getting more and more crowded. That’s why ti’s worth coming here about 3 hours before the beginning of the Holy Mass; flower carpets are already finished by that moment, and there shouldn’t be any problem with getting there yet.

You can combine taking part in Corpus Christi in Spycimierz with a visit to Uniejów.

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