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Facts about Vodka

So, let’s find out some (10!!!) interesting facts about this magical Polish elixir!

1) Vodka was created in Poland. Is it true?

There are still debats about who invented vodka: Poles or Russians. Indeed, what we know is only that according to written sources, Russians started to produce this alcohol in 9th century. Polish sources date back to 8th century. Were Poles 1st???Hard to say because as we know, they used a distillation of wine, what can’t be considered as production of the real vodka (it was rather brandy). So, the answer hides behind the centuries of history and trying to find the truth is the same as wondering which came first: the chicken or the egg?

2) One of the most well known Polish vodka is żubrowka (made up on the base of from bizon grass). Don’t forget to try if you visit Poland!

3) In the mid-16th century vodka was oficially proclaimed as the national drink in Poland.

4) Before vodka become a popular drink in Poland, Poles used to use it only for medicine, pharmauceptic and cosmetic purposes.

5) In Poland along with clean vodka, flavored vodka is popular.
The most common (and definetely the best) flavours are: lemon, cherry, plum, hazelnuts, quince. Moreover, you can easily find atipical flavors , such as: mint, figs, honey, currants, orange and many many others (it’s really hard to count all possible tastes because theoretically, while preparing vodka you can add any ingredients to it)

*Actually, we even can’t consider flavored vodka as vodka because usually it has a bit smaller procentage of alcohol than 40%. But it’s still strong, so nobody cares whether to call it liquier or vodka.

6) Vodka is cheap in Poland.

There are famous bars in Poland called “Pijalnia wódki i piwa”(Bar of vodka and beer), where a shot of vodka costs only 1 EUR.

7)Bruce Willis is part owner of Poland’s top-selling vodka brand “Sobieski ”

8) Do Poles drink a lot of vodka?
According to some data, in average one Polish citizen it’s drinks 7 liters of vodka during one year. Do you think it’s a lot? Look: Poland actually is at the 4th position after Russia (13,9 l ), Belorus(11,3 l) and Ukrain (7,7 l). So, you decide 🙂

9) Some people in Poland (especially in villages) produce kind of vodka called “bimber” or śliwowica (made from damson plums,70 % of alc.! ) at home, although it’s prohibited by law.

10) There are many jokes connected with drinking culture in Poland….But do you know why historically Poles drink so much?
There might be many possible answers: because of cold climate, difficult historical past, wars, Soviet Union regime, maybe because Poles are quite serious people and vodka helps them to “realax”, also, as we know “vodka is connecting people” and…what can I add..? They (Poles) simply like it 🙂

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