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Duszniki-Zdrój is the oldest and highest situated health spa in Kłodzko Land. This town is located at the height of 588 meters above the sea level, but the local climate has qualities that are characteristic for places located nearly twice as high.
Duszniki-Zdrój was developing since the middle ages as a trading and crafting settlement, in the
neighborhood of the Homole Castle. Since the mid-16th century, the castle was falling into ruin.
The rapid, and sometimes even dangerous river Bystrzyca Dusznicka used to power up many workshops, including the preservred paper mill. Today the baroque-styled restored complex is the location of the Papermaking Museum. To the west from the mill lies the historical centre of Duszniki, rebuilt after the fire, which destroyed most of the buildings in 1844.

The healkth spa traditions reach back to the 18th century, although the medical qualities of local waters were already known three centuries earlier. In the early 19th century, Duszniki-Zdrój were already a well-known and fashionable European resort.

The waters of Duszniki-Zdrój arte used in curing heart diseases (post infrtaction, atherosclerosis), breathing diseases, (respiratory tract allergies) and gynecological diseases (sterility)

Duszniki-Zdrój was avoided by the destructions of World War II, and itsd monumental, original buildings have survived. The entire complex is located in the extensive health park, in the valley of Bystrzyca Dusznicka, in the surroundings forested slopes of the Bystrzyckie Mountains. The local Health Spa Theatre was the place, where 16-year old Fryderyk Chopin organized a charity concert.

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