Enchanting Warsaw

If you cannot answer those questions by yourself, it is the time to take a Warsaw tour and listen to the English-speaking guide dispelling your wonders. Warsaw is not only the current capital of Poland, but also historical, cultural and educational heart as well. Witness the beautifully renovated Old town, Presidential Palace, University of Warsaw and Barbican. If you are interested in history think about taking a WW2 Warsaw tour, that follows the sites of the Warsaw’s Uprising. Experience that learning history can be fun too, take a ride outside Warsaw and try Kalashnikov shooting. If you are more of musician soul, why not attending a Chopin piano concert in Concert Hall of the Polish Music Library in Warsaw? Despite having a foreign sounding name, Chopin was a Pole living in Warsaw. His music is still played on many cultural meetings. Also, try the famous Polish food and drink, join a pub crawl and see the best places together with us.
Warsaw has plenty of options to choose from, and most of them are covered in our tour offers. Whether you are keen on history or prefer active rest, contact us and we will find something suitable for you. Allow us to take you for a memorable trip together.

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