Eurovolley Poland 2017

Eurovolley Poland will be the 30th edition of men’s Volleyball European championship held in Poland between 24th August and 3rd September 2017 in 4 host cities: Gdansk, Katowice, Szczecin and Krakow.

The first such event took place in 1948 and was hosted by Italy. Only six national teams took part in this tournament, but the most important thing was the fact, that Volleyball is coming back to life after the war. The first crowned European volleyball champion was Czechoslovakia.

The next championships were held on an irregular basis. The number of the people taking part in the contest varied depending on the number of applications. In the 1950’s the competitors included players from Egypt and Tunisia. With each edition there were more and more competitors, and the people organizing the championship had to change certain rules.

When the European Volleyball Confederation was established in 1963, the process of organizing the rules of participation in European Volleyball has begun.

From the 4th (1963) to 9th (1975) edition the finals were held on a quadrennial basis, but the 10th edition of 1977 set the biennial rule, which is still current today.

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