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Extinct volcanoes in the Lower Silesia

Did you know that in our Polish country there are plenty extinct volcanoes? It’s true! They are located in the Lower Silesia to be exact. And millions of years ago, they used to make lots of mess from time to time. Currently, after many years of corrosion, the highest of volcano is located barely 150 meters above the sea level and measures about 150 meters. Perhaps these volcanoes might be a good opportunity to introduce your child to walking in the mountains?

Ostrzyca (Proboszczowicka) – the highest extinct volcano in Poland
The highest and at the same time the most popular extinct volcano in Poland is the Ostrzyca, often also referred to as the Silesian Fudżijama. It is located in the Pogórze Kaczwaskie, in close proximity of the town of Proboszczów. Is there anything special to seeat Ostrzyca? While going to the top, you can observe the characteristic basalt gołoborze, which is strictly protected because of the unique plants, that cover them.

The Grodziec Castle, located at the top of the extinct volcano
Because of its specific shapes, extinct volcanoes where often considered as strategic defensive places. Excellent visibility, difficult and steep access to the top were the reason why around the 12th century, the wooden-terrestrial settlement was established. It was later rebuilt using bricks as for the order of Henryk Brodaty.
Currently, the Grodziec Castle is a beautiful building, fully adapted for touristic movement and numerous theme-based events.

The extinct Wilkołak volcano
Another incredible extinct volcano is the Wilkołak, also known as Wilcza Góra. It is located on close proximity of Złotoryja, in the surroundings of the village of Wilków. The slope of the mountain is still a working basalt quarry, so many paths were closed. That’s why further wandering is impossible. But you can get to the top and not cross any entanglements. It’s really worth searching. The upper part of Wilkołak might remind you with its shape of a wolf’s snout or ears. And it is a great observation point.

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