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Free attractions in Kolobrzeg

What can you see in Kołobrzeg for free? Here are a fewe suggestions what you can visit without spending any money.

The Polish Weapons Museum
In the Polish Weapons Museum you can discover wartine ships that aren’t working anymore and other floating vehicles. You can also see planes and objects dating back to the times of
World War II. You can visit the museum for free between may and late august on Monday, and on Wednesdays in al other months.

The bnindage
The bnindage is a type of of a plant corridor, a construction overgrown with, for example, ivy.
The bnindage in Kołobrzeg is a 130-meter tunnel, overgrown with hornbeam.
This place used to be called the alley of love. And it can be seen for free.

The Kołobrzeg beach
Another free attraction in Kołobrzeg is the local beach. It is quite touristic, but it is also clean and protected. If you’re looking for a quieter alternative, we recommend going on foot down the coast towards Grzybowo. (to the west from Kołobrzeg)

The co-cathedral basilic
The co-cathedral basilic in Kołobrzeg was an important location of fighting for Kołobrzeg. Its religious character was restored, and today it is especially worth a visit. Inside you can admire precious pieces of art, such as the altars from the 15th and 16th century, the baptismal font from 1355 and valuable candlesticks, including the enormous candlestick from 1327.

The Monument of Poland’s Marriage with the sea
Another great atraction that you can see for free in Kołobrzeg is the Monument of Poland’s Marriage with the sea. It is a memorial from the fights for Kołobrzeg, It has been said that if you make a wish, hold your breath and go through the isthmus, it is guaranteed to come true.

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