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Free attractions in Lublin

When people think of Lublin, one of the first things that comes to mind is charming corners, mysterious streets and an atmosphere that makes you feel like home. Although the city keeps getting more and more modern each year, it is still possible to find some remainings of the past, which fit each other perfectly. We recommend taking on an incredible journey hrough this marvelous city, full of places that are simply impossible not to be delighted with and are free to visit.

The Old Town
If you want to discover the real Lublin, forget about using the map and just wander down the streets of the Old Town. Take a close look at richl ornamented stonehouses and search for monuments from different time periods.
Some of the most famous monuments of this part of the city include the Kraków Gate, the Grodzka Gate, the Dominican Basilic and the Old Theatre.

The Lithuania Square with a multimedia fountain
If you like places that will allow you to go closer to nature, you are guaranteed to enjoy the Lithuania Square. Here, you can find a huge amount of green plants, monuments, playgrounds for children and the greatest attraction – the multimedia fountain. Every night during the summer season, there are also shows based on a combination of light, sound and water. The multimedia fountain in Lublin is one of the most modern ones in Poland, and even in all of Europe.

The Pharmacy Museum
While deciding what free attractions in Lublin to visit, it’s worth considering
the Pharmacy History Museum. This place alows visitors to go back in time, when the job of an apothecary was enjoying great respect and appreciation. The museum consists of two rooms. In the first one, you can see old pharmacy furniture, tools, and a huge collection of pharmacy bottles and jars. In the second room you can see the collection of documents – receipts, labels and a rich collection of scales.

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