Free attractions in Opole

What places should you visit in the capital of the smallest region in Poland? Let us introduce you to some free attractions in Opole. There something for people who just want to relax and for music lovers.

The Venice of Opole
The stonehouses upon the channel of Młynówka, sometimes referred to as the Opole Venice, have a unique atmosphere. They reflect in the waters of the Młynówka channel, which is an old riverbed of the Odra river. They are a gorgeous site to admire, especially in the evening. And it won’t cost you any money to see them.

The Opole Countryside Museum
At the area of the Opole Countryside Museum in Bierkowice upon Opole, it is worth visiting, among others, a watermill from Stare Siołkowice. It is an example of a countryside wooden industry construction at the area of the Opole Silesia from the 19th century. The watermil stopped working in 1950.

The Town Hall in Opole
The construction of the Town Hall in Opole began in 1864. An interesting fact is that its construction was based on Palazzo Vecchio in Florence – a town hall considered to be the pearl of Romanism. In 1934, the town hall’s tower fell down. Two years later, another tower was reconstructed, which wasn’t much different from the first one.

The Market Square in Opole
Free attractions in Opole can also be found around the town hall. The Market Square suffered quite a lot during World War II, but you can still find stonehouses here, that are worth looking at.
The stonehouses were recreated mostly based upon their 19th century designs. The stonehouse number 1 is a medieval stonehouse Pod Lwem, which was owned by the Piast Dynasty until 1532.

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