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Free attractions in the Lower Silesia

There are several places in the Lower Silesia that you can visit for free. You can get to most of the places described below from Wrocław by train. Here are a few places in the Lower Silesia that you can visit for 0 PLN.

The Bolczów Castle and the abandoned city of Miedzianka
The ruins of the Bolczów Castle in the Lower Silesia (not be be confused with the Bolków castle) are located in the gorgeous town of Rudawy Janowickie and you can easily get there by train. You can enter the castle at any time for free. You can reach the stronghold by following the comfortable trail from Janowice Wielkie, marked as the path to the castle. Along the way it is worth discovering many interesting rocky formations in the closest surroundings, including the Orzech Rock, Skalne Bramy, Skała z Sosną and the Janowickie Skały.

Hitler’s Mausoleum in Wałbrzych
The Totenburg Mausoleum is a little-known attraction of Wałbrzych. It is referred to by historians and tourist guides as the last temple of Hitler in Poland. It is a monument established by German Nazis. It formally commemorates 170 000 victims of World War I and accidents in mines, as well as local fighters of the national-socialist movement, but in practice, it was supposed to be a place of cult to the Nazis. An interesting building hides underground corridors. It was partially blown up by the Germans, but you can still admire its ruins at the outskirts of the city.

The Gothic bridge in Kłodzko
In Kłodzko you can find a Lower Silesian Charles Bridge, which is something of a equivalent of that one in Prague. The bridge that we are talking about is the Gothic Bridge, known as St. John’s bridge, or more commonly, „The bridge on the eggs”. That’s all because of the materials used to create it. Back then, people used to build bridges of a mixture made from lime, sand and eggs.

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