Free attractions in the Tricity

If you think you need to spend a fortune to visit anything in the Tricity, think again! There are plenty atteactions at the Polish seaside that you can visit for 0 PLN. Here are a few suggestions:

The Long Market in Gdańsk
The Long Market along with Długa street is a place that everyone must visit during their trip to Gdańsk. This is the place where we can buy the most beautiful amber in Poland.
The Main Town, which is often mistaken for the Old Town of Gdańsk, is undoubtedly one of the msot recognizable places in this city. This is the place, where you can find the most famous attractions in Gdańsk, such as the Neptune Fountain, the Crane and St Mary’s Basilic.

The Sopot Museum
Most of the free attractions in the Tricity include museums. The Sopot Museum, which is located by 8 Księcia Józefa Poniatowskiego street, can be visited for free on Sundays. Here, you can admire permanent exhibits, time-limited exhibits and even outdoor exhibits. If you visit this museum, you’ll have a chance to get familiar with the history of people associated with this city and follow the directions of the development of this seaside resort.

The Town Hall in Gdańsk
The Town Hall of the Main Town in Gdańsk is locatedv at the crossingof Długa Street and the Long Market. It is a monumental building in a gothic-renaissance style and the second highest building of the Main Town. Currently the Town Hall holds the Historic Museum of the City of Gdańsk. Here you can get familiar with many interesting fact about, for example, the eebuilding of the metropolis after World War II. You can visit the museum for free on tuesdays.

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