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Gryfów Śląski

Gryfów Śląski is located at the Izerskie Foothills, upon Kwisa and Lake Złotnickie. It was established in the middle ages by one of the princes in the Piast dynasty, but its long history is mostly associated with the Schaffgotsch family. In the 16th century, the townspeople built a renaissance town hall as a symbol of the city’s richness, as well as a saltv stall and meat stall in close proximity. Today, life flow pretty slow in this town. Perhaps that’s the reason why it is so eagerly visited by tourists from all over Poland.

Above the Old Town you can see a characteristic town hall tower, finished with a reinforced concrete helmet. One of the most recent chnages in the town hall was the rebuilding of the tower, which was created in 1929 after the fire.

Not far from here there is a fountain ornamented with the symbol of the town – stone griffins. It was built to commemorate the creation of the town plumbing in the early 20th century.

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