Horseriding in Poland

People once believed that horses have the power to scare away evil – that’s why witches were scared of them. Grey horses bring good luck and make dreams come true. Black horses increase passion. And all horses, no matter what color they are, have their special day in late autumn. In November, on Marcin’s name-day, they should ride around a chapel under the calling of St. Marcin three times. If they do so, both the animals and the riders are guaranteed to be healthy and strong for the entire next year.

Horseriding is a sport of persistent people. But nothing gets you closer to nature quite like horses.
Horseriding doesn’t just teach you to love animals and calm you down, but also has a brilliant impact on the blood circulatuion and strenghtens the muscles of your legs and spine. So let us introduce you to some special stables, where anyone can begin their horse adventure, if they like, and those who are already familiar with the saddle, can rediscover horseriding…

Pomorze, Dziemiany, the Pegaz Horseriding Center
Izabela Podpora, the owner of the Pegaz Horseriding Center, specialized this place in the most elegant type of horseriding – dressage. Today it is definitely one of the most professional horseriding centers in the country. Contestants associated with Pegaz are so good with this discipline that they reach the Grand Prix level. But not only sportsmen can enjoy their stay here. Tourists who want to explore the Kashubian Land from the horseback perspective, never leave Dziemiany disappointed. There’s something very special and unique waiting for them – in the stud they can admire, and more importantly, buy horses of an incredibly beautiful and rare breed – Achalin. And if someone gets bored with horses, they can change their vehicle to a bike or kayak.

Pomorze, Nowecin, the Senny Horseriding Center
This is one of the few stables in the Pomorskie region, which allows its guests to gallop by the sea coastline. Here you can find 30 perfect horses (plus 3 ponies) and instructors, who can even teach little children how to ride a horse. 4-year old children can already start their horse adventure in Senny. That’s why this is a perfect place to visit with your entire family. You can come here with your own horse – the stud can offer 10 boks for rent. When you get a bit tired of galloping by the Baltic Sea, you can always visit the quicksands in Leba. (Which are located one kilometer away from the city and for a change, climb the highest – 30-meter dune – the Łącka Mountain.

Mazury – the Galkowo Horseriding Center
Galloping through the Masurian Landscape Park is just one of the attractions waiting for tourists who will come to Ferenstein stud in Galkowoat the edge of the Piski Wilderness. While you’re
there, you can meet may actors and journalists, who crowdly come to nationally famous event – Hubertusy. Krzysztof Ferenstein, the owner and one of the most titled contestants in the history of Polish horseriding guarantees the highest level of learning with his name. This fact is confirmed by the registrations of cars from all over Poland, which park here on Friday nights in front of the stables.

Mazury – Free horses
The magical bond connecting humans with horses is something truely unique. But it’s very difficult to find places, where the balance between people and animals allows for such close contact
However… Polish horses living by the Biebrza river don’t know what a saddle is. In fact, they are running completely wild. Tourists can’t ride those horses, but they can pet them, chase away the flies, and relax with the horses in the meadow. If we learn how to talk to them, they will accept our presence and welcome us into their world. They can perfectly feel our emotion and we can’t hide anything from them, that’s why they are perfect therapists. This place, which was created by Berenika Bratny is unique in a national scale.

Bieszczady, Wetlina: Kulbaka
Marta Szymala brought her husband to Bieszczady, saddled him on a horse and… told him to gallop. Chris enjoyed it so much, that he decided to move away from Vienna, return to Bieszczady and join forces with his wife to build Kulbaka – a guesthouse and stable, where guests can ride in western saddles and hats (a perfect suit for long rides along pastures, which are the place’s specialty) A few hours of riding, a meal break and return. And in the evening unending talks about the adventures we had that day. For people who are tired of horsebacks, a nice change: the famous Bieszczady choo-choo. A picturesque station is located very close to Kulbaka.

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