Horyniec-Zdrój is located at the south-west end of Southrern Roztocze. Since the first mentions in the mid-15th century, Horyniec was owned by magnate and kinghthood families. Before the mineral waters were discovered, the town’s greatest treasure were the forests. It has been said that this town was the place were king Jan III Sobieski and Marysieńka came here for hunting. Not far from here there is a classicist building of a courtly hteatre from the first half of the 19th century. The former classicist courtly chapel from 1818, which used to be an orthodox church for some time, is a health spa church, which is patroned by blessed Jakub Strzemię.

The healing qualities of the sulphide waters, which are located 12 kilometers to the south-east, in the town of Niemirów, were already described in the 17th century. So it won’t be any surprise to find out that the powners of this town decided to establish the first bathing clinic back in 1814. The discovery of the similar sulfide springs lead to the establishment of first primitive bathrooms in the late 19th century.

Horyniecv-Zdrój is located by the border of the Southern Roztocze Landscape Park, which contains a diversified area reaching Narol upon Tanwia. At the east, the park stretches to the Polish-Ukraine border; the most eastern point of the park is the village of Hrebenne. This region with diverse landscapes is perfect for active tourism. In the neighborhood of Horyniec there are plenty attractive places that every tourist should check out. A great facilitation are the marked trails and walking paths. If you’re ready for a few hours of walking, we recommend a 10-kilometer circular
nature-cultural path between Dębisko and Kruszyna.

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