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Inowroclaw is one of the oldest cities in Poland. Long ago, the famous amber trail was running through this city. Today, thanks to the brine graduation tower, which is one of the few objects of its type in Europe, this town is a perfect place to recover your health.

Nearby Inowroclaw there are rich deposits of salt. That’s why Inowroclaw is known as „The city on salt” Today this mineral is no longer excavated. The Solino Salt Mine was shut down and awash. But the salt isn’t the only natural richness of this region.
Another precious thing that Inowroclaw has to offer is the highly-mineralized Inowroclawianka water. Is it true, that it is the most salty water to be sold in Poland. If you’re brave enough, you can find out for yourself.

Apart from that, there are a few attractions in Inowroclaw that everyone should check out:

The Concert Shell
There is a concert shell in the park, where between early May and mid-September, on Sundays and Holidays you can enjoy concert organized by Polish and foreign artists. You can listen not only to classical music, but also to performances from folk bands and the Inowroclaw Promenade Orchestra.

The Celebrity Oak Tree Valley
In the park you can also see the famous Celebrity Oak Tree Valley. The tradition of planting trees by the most famous guests of Inowroclaw was started in 2005. Oak and maple trees were planted here by, among others, actress Irena Kwiatkowska, composers – Wojciech Kilar and Krzysztof Penderecki, actors Beata Kawka and Boguslaw Linda and musicians – Grzegorz Turnau, Natalia Kukulska and Zbigniew Wodecki.

The church of the Blessed Virgin Mary
What a gorgeous church! It’s difficult to grasp its greatness while looking at its photos. Its walls are incredibly old, because the entire building was originally built in the middle ages. You explore the interior of the church with a local guide.

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