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Jaslo and Dukla in the podkarpackie region

Jaslo and Dukla are located in in the podkarpackie region, in close proximity to Beskid Niski. However, both of these towns were originally part of the so-called Krakow Land. The larger city – Jaslo – has approximately 35000 permanent citizens and it ganied city rights in 1635, in the times of king Kazimierz the Great, while Dukla is nearly 15 times smaller (about 2000 permasnent citizens) and 15 years younger. It might only take one afternoon to visit both of these small, yet quite charming towns.

Jaslo is a County Town, where the rivers of Wisloka, Ropa and Jasiolka connect. This town has nearly 47 square kilometers of surface, and its patron is St. Anthony of Padwa. Jaslo suffered many times, from such enemies as the Swedish people, the Transylvania army, the Russian Army and many others. During World War II, the citizens of Jaslo suffered terror from Hitler’s Army. From the Polish side, there were resilient troops of the Home Army. In 1943, its soldiers freed 120 prisoners from the hands of german guardians.

Among the local monuments, tourists should pay special attention the city’s oldest church – the collegiate of hte Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as well as the church of St. Stanislaw the Bishop. There is also a Market Square and a Regional Museum.

Despite being much, much smaller than Jaslo, Dukla seems to have more interesting attractions to discover, including a castle (some sources declare that it’s a palace), which holds a Historical Museum inside. Dukla was the home town of St. John. Tourists can visit his sanctuary in a local Bernardine Church. If you really enjoy visiting monumental churches, we also recommend a rococo parish church of St. Maria Magdalena.

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