Jastrzebia Gora and Tupadly

Jastrzebia Gora might be in the direct neighborhood of Tupadly, but there are quite a few differences between these two towns.

Jastrzebia Giora is a popular Baltic Sea resort. Before it became a separate village in 2014, it used to be part of Wladyslawowo. This is the most northern city in the entire Poland. Tourists can be aware of this information thanks to a monument standing on a local promenade.

This is no accident that the name of the village contains the word „Góra” (Mountain). Right by the Baltic Sea coast, there is a 33-meter cliff, which on one hand offers beautiful landscapes, but on the
other, it is quite a problem for tourists, who have to conquer this height every time they go to the beach.

The history of Jastrzebia Gora doesn’t go as far in the past, as you might think. In the early 20th century there were no buildings here, there were only meadows, were geese were grazing.
It was only after Poland regained independence, in the interwar period, that the first vacation houses were built, thanks to which the resort was developed.

Currently there are three swimming places available for visitors. As with many popular resort towns in Poland, when you’re walking down the main street of Jastrzebia Gora, you can find big and small shops, restaurants and ice cream parlors.

There are six towns in Poland that are called Tupadly, so if ant to be more precise, you have to say that you’re talking about the village in the Pomorskie region. This is a very small town nearby Wladyslawowo. The best part about Tupadly is the fact, that you can actually reach it from Jastrzebia Gora by taking a slow, 40-minute walk.

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