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The biggest attractions in the famous Karkonosze resort

Karkonosze can easily be considered one of the most beautiful mountain massifs in Poland. In this area we can find more than 150 incredible rock formations, mountain lakes, countless streams and well-prepared tourist trails. Karkonosze, along with the popular town of Karpacz are the perfect destination for climbers, trekkers, bicyclists and skiers.

Karkonosze is the highest mountain range in Sudety, extending at the surface of 40 kilometers – in the area of Poland and the Czech Republic. The valley of Łomnica in its eastern edge is the location of Karpacz – a popular tourist-recreation resort, willingly visited by tourists at any time of year. Although for many people this is a strongly commercialized place, it is enjoying an increasing popularity among people who like an active vacation and beautiful sights. Let us introduce you to some of the most interesting attractions and trails in Karpacz.

The Mysteries of Karkonosze
This modern, multimedia museum in Karpacz is one of the winners in a poll for 7 new wonders of Poland according to National Geographic. The „Mysteries of Karkonosze” museum, located at the bottom of Śnieżka, transports visitors to a magical, nearly mistical world of the Karkonosze mountains. Before crafting the museum, the creators of the exhibitons got familiar with the fables and lkegends of the mountains, while also remembering the former people living in this region: herbalists, charlatans and Walons. Part of the exhibit is located in the underground and uses the thrills caused by light and sound. This is a popular attraction of the Karkonosze mountains, especially among families with children.

The Wang church
This is a treasure of Scandinavian sacral architecture, located in the heart of Karkonosze. How come this 800 year old Norwegian temple can be found in Poland? This is largely thanks to the Prussian king, Fryderyk Wilhelm IV, who in 1841 purchased a small 12th-century church from the village of Vang in Norway and relocated it to Karpacz

Today, the restored temple is a popular trip destination among tourists, next to the temple there i a cemetery with monumental or reconstructed gravestones.

Śnieżka: at the top of Sudety.
Śnieżka is the highest point of Karkonosze and the entire mountain range of Sudety. It reaches the height of 1602 meters above the sea level, significantly towering over its surrounding mountain tops. At the top of Śnieżka there is the chapel of Śt. Wawrzyniec and the characteristic building of the Meteorology Observatory IMBW with an exhibit of measuring tools.

Through the top of Śnieżka runs the road of the Polish-Czech Friendship, which is a tourists traip with the length of approximately 30 kilometers (red), leading alternately down the Polish and Czech side of the border.

The Wild Waterfall
Despite its name, the Wild Waterfall was not created by nature. This is an anti-rubble dam, created at the river Łomnica in Karpacz. When the water level increases, the waterfall becomes one fo the most spectacular places in the neighborhood.

The local, picturesque cascades, falling from the height of several meters, attract many tourists. This is one of the most frequently photographed places in this region.

The Chojnik castle
The name of the fortress originated from mountain Chojnik (627 meters above the sea level), on which it is located. The Chojnik castle was built in the first half of the 14th century – the walls and the tower, which survived 7 centuries, are very well preserved.

The fortress consists of the upper castle, the middle castle and the lower castle, connected to the fortifications. From the upper part of the ruins you can see the picturesque views on Karkonosze and the landscape park. Th Chojnik castle is located about 16 kilometers away from Karpacz.

The Podgórna waterfall
Thisis the third highest waterfall in the Polish part of Karkonosze. The waters of the Podgórna stream fall from a 10-meter rocky threshold with three cascades. In close proximity there is a small bridge, from which you can admire the best views of the waterfall – this is a popular viewing point among tourists. Next to the stream there is the black trail from Przesieka to Sosnówka. The Podgórna waterfall is located approximately about 15 kilometers away from Karpacza

Karpacz: attractions for kids
The bobsled route
This attraction is available all year long – botth in the summer and in the winter. The „Kolorowa” bobsled route extends and the length of more than 1000 meters, has 2 tunnels and 11 speed corners. Each bobsled has two seats, which gives the possibility to ride with a companion. The maximum speed possible to reach is 35 kilometers per hour.

Western City
This is a miniature of a Wild West town created specifically for youngest children. In this place you can take part in cowboy rides and stagings of gunman fights and bank robberies.

The Toy Museum
This special place shows the history of toy making, which ranges from th 18th century to modern times. In the museum you can admire impressive collections of Henryk Tomazewski, the creator of the panomime theatre and the citizen of Karpacz, as well as time-limited thematic exhibitions.

The Museum of technology and Lego brick constructions in Karpacz.
This museum is an interesting exhibit made from Lego bricks. At two floors there are ten rooms, each with a different theme, for example Star Wars, the mountain village, Pirates of the Caribbean, Harry Potter and others. Interesting models, combined with motion and light effects create an incredible effect.

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