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Kaszuby is a beautiful, and at the same time very interesting historical land with lakes, forests, hills, peace and quiet, located in northern Poland, being part of the Pomeranian region. The coverage of this region is marked with villages inhabited by Kashubians – a western-slavonic ethnic group, which stands out thanks to their specific kashubian language, impossible to understand by an average Polish person and a distinct feeling of separateness.
Kaszuby is one of the most beautiful and attractive regions in our country in terms of tourism. Because of its captivating, incredibly picturesque landscapes, this part of the country is often called „The Kashubian Switzerland”. The highest elevation in this region is the Wiezyca, and not just in Kaszuby, but also in the entire European Lowland. It is located 328.6 meters above the sea level, it is covered with beech forest and included in a reserve. At its top there is a wooden observation tower.

But do you know why the Kaszuby region is so beautiful?? On the last day of creation, God leaned a sack over this place and spilled all the crumbs. That’s how a bit fo everything was created – hills, forests, meadows, fields and the ubiquitous lakes, which are very charming.

The attractions of Kaszuby
The biggest richness of Kaszuby are fresh forests and sparkling, clean lakes located in between. The most recognizable and worth visitng is the complex of Wdzydzkie Lakes, or the so-called Kashubian Sea, which along with its surroundings is included in the Wdzydzki Landscaped Park. There are also other landscaped parks, including the Dolina Slupi Landscaped Park, reseves and open-air museums of local construction, like, for example, the Kashubian Ethnographic Park in Wdzydze Kiszewskie. When it comes to more modern entertainment, you should definitely visit the Kashubian Miniature Park in Mirachowo and Footgolf Przywidz. Another frequently visited place is the already mentioned Wiezyca with the observation tower. Not far from this tower you can find the most picturesque lake in the neighborhood – the Ostrzyckie Lake.

Kashubian cities
Between the forests and lakes, a few small towns are located, in which the Kashubian language and traditions are still culivated: Kartuzy – the heart of Kaszuby, Chmielno, Koscierzyna, Chojnice, Bytow, Wejherowo, Puck, and even the Tricity – Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot.

The wonderful mosaic of forests, lakes, meadows and fields, the diverse sculpture of the terrain, the richness of nature, charming towns and the differential ranch offer make Kaszuby a truly incredible place, more and more willingly visited by tourists not only from Poland, who come here to peacefully relax, while being surrounded by nature and also discover the interesting customs of indigenous people.

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