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Krempna in Beskid Niski

Krempna in Beskid Niski is a small village in the podkarpackie region. There are 500 permanent citizens here. However, compared to other, even smaller villages and entire tracts of uninhabited land, Krempna almost seems to be a centre of civilization. The surroundings of Beskid Niski are one of the least enhabited areas of our country.

For many tourists, Krempna is mostly a destination for hiking in Beskid Niski. Especially in the Magurski National Park, which has the manager’s office and an interesting museum located nowhere else than in Krempna.

Krempna was established by a castellan named Mikolaj Stadnicki in the early 15th century It weas owned by his family for more than 200 years. Later, it was ruled by, among others, the Wisniowieccy and the Radziwill family. Unfortunatelly, this town has an awful related to the Hungarian Army. They caused the destruction of the village, as well as the exile of of its aboriginal citizens in the years 1457, 1657 and 1915.

This area is also known of mutual reluctance of Polish and Ukraine people, which makes it even worse if you mention that in early 1939, local Ukraine and Lemko people, were allies to Hitler Germans.

Although Krempna is small, it has quite a few interesting spots you should see, including the already mentioned Magurski National Park. Apart from that, fans of monuments might be interested in the greek-catholic church of St. Kosma And Damian. It is one of approximately 70 Lemko churches in Poland. Not far from the centre of the village you can find a war cemetery with graves of World War I victims.

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