Krzyztopor (formerly Krzysztopor) – the ruins of a palace residence created between 1627 and 1644, surrounded by bastion fortifications. Located in the village of Ujazd, in the swietokrzyskie region. Before the creation of Versal in Paris, it was the largest palace building in Europe.

It was built by province governor Krzysztof Ossoliński, but the joy of the foundator was sadly short-lived.

Ossolinski suddenly died one year after the building was completed. It was owned by by the Kalinowski family until 1701, but it was not enhabited. In 1720, the Morsztyn family moved to the castle, and later, after the distaff, it was owned by general Michał Jan Pac.
In 1770, Krzyztopor was burned by the Russian army. It was purchased by Kajetan Soltyk in 1782 and passed on inheritance to Stasnislaw Soltyk.

The castle, which has a palazzo-in-fortezza-typed architecture, contained three basic parts: the palace complex with economic buildings, a defensive bastion-typed fortification and an
Italian-based garden, which was located outside the fortifications.

Currently the palace has the status of a permanent ruin. The building is a ruin with a considerable degree of preservsation.

The name of the castle has evolved over time. The word „Krzyż” was the symbol of the province governor’s faith and politics, while the word „Topór” was the crest of the Ossolinski family. Both of these symbols are located at the entrance gate to the palace.

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