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Lake Pilchowickie

Lake Pilchowickie is an artificially created water reservoir. The Bóbr Dam was created in 1912, it is 62 meters high and 290 meters wide, as well as up to 60 meters thick. It really is impressive. It can be visited from any side, admiring Bóbr from one side, and the lake from the other side.

There is a railway bridge extending over the lake – it is an especially romantic place for taking photos in the autumn. Currently these sights gained extra charm thanks to the fact, that the lake has blossomed. The bridge has an interesting construction, which has a picturesque reflection in the water.

The construction above the lake was blown into the air during the World War II activity in may of 1945. A year and a half later, the current bridge was opened for visitors.

There are plenty places ot eat and stay overnight at Lake Pilchowickie, it is really worth coming here with your photo camera. This is a fantastic place to make photos, not only for fans of landscape photography, but also for happy couples, realizing wedding photo sessions.

Below the dam there is a water powerhouse It is very easy to visit local areas – there are walking routes available for everyone.

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