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Lipnica Murowana

Lipnica Murowana and St. Leonard’s church are some of the most beautiful small jewels of Lesser Poland. Especially since the local monument was enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lipnica Murowana is a small village in the Malopolskie region. It has roughly 1000 permanent citizens. It has an incredibly rich history and quite a few interesting monuments, including three old churches. What’s especially interesting is the fact, that between 1326 and 1934, there was a city here, which was established by king Wladyslaw Lokietek.

Despite its name, for a long time there were mostly wooden buildings in Lipnica Murowana, and since the 19th century, there was only one brick house here.

Omne of the most beautiful monuments of Lipnica Murowana is undoubtedly the wooden cemetery church of St. Leonard. This church most likely originated in the 15th century, although some of its parts might be even older. The church is oriented, which means alter is addresed to the east. Originally, there were three monumental triptychs here, but because of protection from stealing, they were relocated to the Tarnow Museum. However, their copies were placed in the temple of Lipnica Murowana.

While you’re visiting this town, you can also check out Nowy Wisnicz and the Kamienie Brodzinskiego Nature Reserve.

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