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Locomotive Parade in Wolsztyn

Wolsztyn is the only town in Poland, where for over 100 years, the engine house has been working without any breaks, and every morning the citizens are waking up when they hear the whistle of a steam locomotive. This might be the greatest attraction of the town, but it’s not the only one. Wolsztyn is picturesquely located at the inlet between Lake Wolsztyńskie and Lake Berzyńskie. The most precious monuments of Wolsztyn include the late-baroque styled of Virgin Mary Immaculate Conception. The Market Square and the streets coming out of it are surrounded by beautiful stonehouses, most of which were built in the late 19th and eerly 20th century. In Woolsztyn there is a commemorative Chamber, dedicated to the memory of Robert Koch, who was an outstanding German Scientist and Nobel Prize winner, working here between 1872 and 1880. In the house and workshop of Marcin Rożek, a remarkable Polish sculpter of the interwar period, you can visit a Regional Museum and see the collection of the artist’s sculptures.

Each year, in late April and early May, during the so-called „long weekend”, the engine house is hosting the Locomotive Parade – a 2-day event, which cannot be equaled anywhere else in Poland. During the parade you can see Locomotives from Wolsztyn, the Train Open-Air Museum in Chabówka and special guest locomotives from abroad. Permanent guest of the event are locomotives from Germany, but sometimes there are also teams from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Great Britain. At the time the Locomotive Parade is organized, there is another event – Wolsztyn Days.

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