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Lodz: Retro Photography Exhibition

Via Art Foundation and Scenografia club (actually, in this incarnation it is a gallery) have a great pleasure to invite you all for a wonderful photography exhibition.
The opening of the first this year, and at the same time the first such a large exhibition of photographs in the club will be held on January 30. at 6 p.m. Three authors – Alexander Batorowski, Jerzy Meyer and Krzysztof Wojciechowski in their exhibition “RETRO” present us great photos from the times when no one had even dreamed of digital photography. As they write:
“Memories come back to us in the form of images from the past. We live in different times, changing the ‘scenery.’ Years go by, nothing is similar to what it was and if it had not been for the photographs, it would be gone forever.” Series of photographs “RETRO” is a veritable time machine that takes us back in time and space, which often seem to be becoming more and more blurred in our memories.
The entrance is free.

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