Międzygórze, located at the foothills of the Śnieżnik Massif, used to be the place, where iron was extracted, before the local people began to do weaving. It wasn;t until the 19th century that the village became popular among tourists, and the beautiful Switzerland-styled villas and guesthouses began to appear. One of the greatest attractions of Międzygórze is the Fable Garden, located at the slope of Lesieniec. It is an unconventional open-air museum, which consists of wooden sculptures of famous fable characters. The collection was created by Izydor Kriesten, who after World War I created fantasy sculptures from the gifts of the forest. After 1945, his works were destroyed, and some were stolen. Thanks to the attention of the District of PTTK in Międzygórze, the Fable Garden was brought back to its former glory and it gained new sculptures over the years. Today, in the Fable Garden you can wander between the flowers and houses and meet such characters as Koszałek Opałek, Włóczykij, Bolek and Lolek and even Gargamel with Klakier.
While walking over the slope of Lesieniec to the Fable Garden, you willpass by the Wilczki Waterfall.

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