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Myślibórz is the capital city of the Myśliborskie Lake Disrict; it also used to be the capital of New Marchia, which was part of Brandenburgia. The city was established in the second half of the 13th century by the Branderburgian margraves. For merchants, this city was a stop at the trading route between Greater Poland and Branderburgia.

At a certain degree, it didn’t take much more than just the location of Myślibórz- at the southern edges of lake Myśliborskie – to make it a popular city among tourists. In close proximity of Myślibórz there are a lot of lakes that make up this lake district. The largest of these lakes include Łubie, Chłop, Będzin, Wądół and Sitno. At the area of the city there are also smaller lakes, such as Lake Wierzbickie, as well as Rzeczyca and Lake Królewieckie.

The Old Town of an oval shape has preserved its medieval urban layout.

In several parts of the Old Town, at the western and northern side, you can see the well-preserved rock-brick defensive walls from the 14th century. A great ornament of the surviving fragments of the fortifications is the Nowogrodzka Gate, which is located in its northern part, as well as the gothic Pyrzycka Gate going to the west.

Behind the northern frontage of the Main Market Square towers the majestic tower of the collegiate of St. John the Baptist. Today its 13th century fragments can be found in the lower part of the walls, but most of the relics of the oldest temple are preserved in the presbytery.

To the south from the Main Market Square towers a complex of buildings of the Dominican Monastery. In the building of the Monastery you can still admire rooms with gohic vaults, as well as the monumental gothic portal.

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