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National Parks Of The Northern Poland

Poland is a very varied country with regard to its landscape. The summer time is a perfect time to rest. Many Poles choose the north Poland for their holiday. That can be a holiday over the Baltic Sea or on Mazury – the Land of Thousands Lakes. The beauty of these regions lies in unique landscape and nature. It is worth to know that in the north strip of Poland there are 3 beautiful national parks: Woliński NP, Słowinski NP and Wigierki NP. These place are a must-see during a stay somewhere in the north part of Poland.
Wolinski NP is located on the biggest Polish island in the north-west Poland. In was established in 1960. The protected area is the beautiful Polish cliff coast, the unique island-like delta of the Swina River, and also the coastal strip of Baltic waters. The symbol of the park is a white-tailed eagle. The area is covered by forests, plentiful plants and animal species, especially birds.
Slowinski NP is placed along the Baltic Sea coast. It is famous for the shifting sand dunes, which the highest rises to 42 m above sea level. On the area of Slowinski NP there also can be found The lakes of Łebsko and Gardno which are the habitat for aquatic birds. On the sandy beaches there grow the typical coastal pinewood and marsh plants
Wigierski NP protects the area of the Lake Wigry, one of the largest lakes in north-eastern Poland. There are also 25 smaller lakes connected by a network of rivers. The park features peat bogs, small and marshy forest lakes. There can be admire diversity of forest’s creatures: mammals, birds, fishes. The park is under the protection of the RAMSAR International Convention.

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