New flight connections to Poland 2020

A lot of new air routes from Poland. The Polish air lines announce their plans. There will be more flights on national routes. There are four cities on the list.

There will be 27 new routes launched at the polish Ryanair airports next summer, while the Hungarian Wizz Air has announced 15 new connections.

12 new connections will be launched at the Katowice-Pyrzowice airport, increasing their number to 18. The result is supposed to be a 43% increase of customers served at the airport by this airline, up to 1.25 million annually.

The president of the Ryanair group – Michael O’Leary and the president of the Upper Silesian Airline Association and Katowice airport – Artur Tomasik have announced their plans for the upcoming year during last Tuesday’s press conference.

O’Leary highlighted, that the flight schedule for next year’s summer will be the biggest in the airline’s history in Poland. „We will have 11 new planes in the Polish bases. We will be launching 27 new routes. Ryanair will be able to serve 14 million passangers on 12 airports annually” he said. As long as the airline is able to fullfill these plans, the number of passengers cruising with this lines from and to Poland will increase by 8% next year.

The 27 new routes include, among others, connections from Katowice Brindisi, Bolonia, Katania, Cork, Dortmundu, Goeteborg and Kiev, as well as Krakow-Palemo, Gdansk-Odessa,Warsaw Modlin-Tel Aviv and Bydgoszcz-Edinburgh.

President Tomasik rated plans of Ryanair as a very good information for Katowice Airport and the entire region. He also reminded, that although Ryanair is flying from Pyrzowice since 2007, it wasn’t until now that this teamwork is getting more permanent and long-lasting. According to plans, there will be 6 Ryanair airplanes based in Katowice airport (including 4 charter airplanes)

„Opening such a huge base in Pyrzowice makes us become a harbor for Ryanair in a large part” said Tomasik. Thanks to launching new routes, the Irish airlinesshould be able to serve more thna a million passengers from Pyrzowice next year. This means a major increase of travelers and dozens of millions of extra money for the Katowice airport, which annually serves nearly 5 million passengers.

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