While you’re planning a vacation break, you should definitely consider going to Olecko. This city with 17000 people living there, which was established in 1560, has a lot of attractions to offer.
Olecko (which was formerly known as Margrabowa and as Treuburg between 1928 and 1945) is a city located upon the river Lega and lake Olecko Wielkie.

In the second half of the 19th century, Olecko became more popular thanks to the creation of road and railway connections. In 1879, railroads between Elk and Wystruc were lead through Olecko, and in 1908, a connection to Gizycko was also created.

You can begin your visit to Olecko from the Liberty Square. It was once the biggest Market Square in Europe. It served as a place of selling cattle and horses. Nowadays, part of the former marketplace is overgrown by by a recently restored park. Fans of religious monuments should definitely visit a neogothic church, which was built between 1859-1861, and can be seen from far away thanks to the church tower.

Inside the church, there is an interesting wooden altar. Next to the church, there is a small chapel. This is where on September 10th, 1981, a leakage from the oak tree missionary cross took place
(„Blood drops”). Since that moment, this pl;ace has been known as a place of worship – The Holy Cross Sanctuary.

By the wooden bridge there is the beginning of the Olecko Land tourist trails. If you follow those trails, you can get to Szeska Mountain and the Rospuda river.

In Olecko there is also something special for sport fans – the sport-recreation complex, whixch includes a stadium, playing fields, a former hippodrome and a swimming equipment rental.

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