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Polish museums dedicated to foods and drinks

The creators of museums described in this article probably assumed that anything that’s edible/drinkable, should have its own museum. And for good reason. Here’s some information about the strangest food museums in Poland

The Cheep Wine museum
This museum was opened in 2003 and is located in the Stara Chata Walonska in Szklarska Poreba. It keeps the tradition of the medieval Wallonia, who came to our country from the area of today’s Belgium and northern France. The small museum is located in the building’s underground. Visitors can try one of over 100 wines with quirky names. These are not traditional grape wines, but rather strong drinks made from other fruits, with the use of different technologies. According to the book „333 popkulturowe rzeczy… PRL”, the best fruits for making strong drinks are currents and, believe it or not… apples!

The Milk Museum
The Milk Museum in Grajewo is one of the most recent museum s in this article, being established in 2016. In this museum, young children can find out what farm animals give milk and how long did milk have to travel in order to become a household name among foods. You can see equipment from the past that was used to produce milk and try to milk and artificial cow.

The Living Gingerbread Museum
This is the largest gingerbread museum in Europe. It was established in 2006 by the Olszewski Family. Visitors can get familiar with the history of this delicious treat at the interactive exhibit and even get to bake their very own, individual gingerbread. The characteristic thing about the Gingerbread Museum is the unconventional way of organizing the shows, during which the story of gingerbread is told in a language stylized to sound like from the times of Copernicus.
The Living Gingerbread Museum is located at 9 Rabanska street in Torun.

The Bread Museum
At the Bread Museum in Radzionkow you will discover all the secrets about bread. If you want to test yourself in the role of a baker, you can try to bake your own bread and take it home. The exhibit includes machines, tools and old recipes.
The creator of this museum, Piotr Mankiewicz is a passionate collector. His collection of monuments gathered from flea markets inspired him to create the Bread Museum, which is located in Radzionkow, in the Lower Silesian region, between Bytom and the Tarnowskie Mountains.

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